How to Prepare For Your Hearing Health Before Retirement

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It’s very exciting when you’re expecting to retire soon. However, as you are approaching this period of your life, it doesn’t mean just planning vacations and hobbies you intend on doing.

As you near retirement, you should also start thinking about your well-being. You should see to it that your physiology or body functions are in the best that they could be, including of course your auditory system which is responsible for perceiving sound. Your hearing is one of the faculties that usually becomes impaired for the elderly. In fact, approximately two-thirds of those above 70 years old in the United States is experiencing a form of hearing loss.

Can Presbycusis Be Prevented?

For those of you who aren’t familiar, presbycusis is a form of auditory disability that is acquired as a person ages. The cause of this is not actually fully understood but it is theorized that this is brought about by an accumulation of damage done by various factors that a person encounters throughout their lives.

While in this day and age it would be nearly impossible to totally avoid any harm made to your ears, minimizing it though could be very much attainable.

Steer Clear of Deafening Noises

As was mentioned above, advancing as a society has created environments that cause “Noise-Induced Hearing Loss” (NIHL). Clubs and bars are known to play their music at excessive levels and this goes on for hours. Exposure to this for a long time can immediately have negative effects towards your hearing health.

Think you’re absolutely safe if you don’t get involved in the party scene? Unfortunately, there are still many things that could induce NIHL such as honking of car horns, thunderous engines, gadgets and televisions with volumes set on high levels to name a few.

To prevent this always be vigilant, and extra cautious in contrast to the average person. Before accessing devices and playing its audio, always check to make sure the volume is at a reasonable amount. If your friends invite you for a night out, propose an activity that doesn’t involve extremely loud sounds. When a very powerful noise jumps out of nowhere, make sure you don’t listen to it for long. Either shut it off or leave the area right away.

Protective Gear

In the event that your career or interests include hearing health risks, make sure to wear the appropriate protective gear. For those in construction, you may wear ear muffs while for those who desire to go swimming, there are earplugs made suitable for this activity.

If you haven’t been very careful with your ears prior to reading this, then you might want to make it a priority to be financially capable of the possible effects that could come. Make sure you allocate enough money for hearing aids which cost upwards of a thousand dollars.

Note that these have an average lifespan of 5 years so you might want to save up for multiple models. This may seem much at first but you should look at this as an investment so you can better enjoy your days in retirement. Properly maintain and clean these devices and you could possibly prolong these of up to about 10 years. For a partner you can trust with your hearing health, call Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.