How Your Child’s Hearing Loss Affects Them At School

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Does your child find it difficult to keep up in class? Is it hard for them to concentrate on a conversation? Are you, any of the teachers or even classmates having trouble connecting with them? Before assuming there is a learning disability or sensory challenge involved, make sure you have your child’s vision and hearing checked.  Auditory senses play a crucial role in a student’s progress, and poor hearing can hinder more than just their schooling.

Factors that Affect Hearing

Several elements come into play such as where your child is seated, the level of the unruliness of other classmates, the pitch in the speaker’s voice and more. While children use different ways to adapt to their surroundings and absorb information, learning via sound is one of the more common methods.

Factors can range from the overlapping of sounds like from a nearby classmate’s scribbling on a notebook against the teacher’s voice at the other end of the room. Other examples include the unfamiliarity of a new accent or just when the teacher isn’t facing the student. When a person has hearing problems, they rely heavily on lip reading.

Effects of Poor Hearing on a Child

A child with hearing trouble can easily fall behind the rest in his age group. They’re more likely to fail at least one grade level. With a change in teaching style and increased attention from educators, it can be resolved quickly. However, when your child is one in a class of several others, expecting the increased effort isn’t realistic, particularly with a high student-teacher ratio.

It also influences other life aspects such as making friends. Adults can also become more isolated because social interaction becomes harder with a hearing problem. Other children who don’t understand the issues of poor hearing are less empathetic and can easily give up on trying to connect with your child.

As a result, the child becomes more uncommunicative and distant. They also change into unhappy and less enthusiastic individuals. Their social maturity is stunted, and they’re more likely to develop speech problems.

Actions to Take

While it’s early, get them checked by a trusted professional. If your child often experiences ear infections, schedule an evaluation with an audiologist to determine the cause. Intervention employed the soonest is the best way to prevent further complications.

Despite good intentions, not all teachers are equal. Enroll them in a school that’s better equipped to teach children facing the same issues. The facility is better designed with adequately trained staff to help improve your child’s learning without hearing being a significant issue.

When advised, invest in a hearing aid. A hearing aid may allow them more exposure to the hearing community, making a transition to a non-specialized school easier. They also have greater access to more learning materials and able to socialize better.

How Beltone Audiology Can Help 

Being a parent is difficult and more so when you have to make the tough calls, the kind that not many other couples can relate to. For expert advice and needed support, turn to the experts. Hearing health is a mission for Beltone Audiology staff. Call us at (888) 210-5846 and our team would be more than happy to assist your family.