Is Hearing Loss Related To Heart Disease?

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Studies have now emerged showing how hearing loss is also linked to many other conditions of the body which means that if a person is to maintain their auditory health then they must do this by also safekeeping other physiological components. Merely avoiding loud noise will not suffice. A healthy lifestyle is important to achieve this.

Now research has established the strong association between cardiovascular health and sharpness of hearing. In short, people with heart disease will most likely experience repercussions in their ears.

How Is This So?

Your inner ear is actually very dependent of blood. Inadequate amounts of this substance in this region of the auditory system will result in negative effects. Likewise, damage to blood vessels here would be detrimental.

To further elaborate the hair cells in your ears, like many other parts of a person, need a constant supply of oxygen. This element is delivered to different parts of the body through the bloodstream. Thus, cutting off or delaying the circulation will result in these hair cells not getting the nourishment they need to function. That function being to receive and convert noise into impulses which are sent to the brain to be translated.

How Can This Be Prevented?

Always remember that prevention is always better than treatment. Accomplish this by incorporating workouts that target your cardiovascular into your lifestyle. Be committed to this new regimen and do these exercises at least thrice a week. This must be constantly done every week. Doing this for a short temporary amount of time will only produce minor positive results. In this case, time is your friend and the longer you practice this the better.

Start eating right and go for foods that have healthy fat and are rich in omega-3 and fiber. Make sure to consume your recommended daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Stay away from pastries and candies that are high in sugar, and keep a look out for those that are high in trans-fat. Highly processed is a term that you should also exclude from your diet.

What If I Already Have Hearing Loss?

Not to worry as many of those with hearing loss are still able to live full and meaningful lives. In this event approach a healthcare professional that specializes on this matter, such as an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT). Have a check-up done and hear out their findings and what is to be prescribed to you.

In most cases a permanent hearing impairment is addressed with the use of hearing aids. These devices amplify sounds as needed by the wearer. An appropriate specialist will adjust these based on what is required by the patient to hear better.

It’s still important to include a cardiovascular workout routine in your schedule to prevent your impairment from worsening and to improve your heart’s situation. Remember that a hearing aid does not really improve a person’s auditory health but only helps them hear better whenever worn.

A healthy lifestyle should still be integrated for overall well-being. Professional advice is an essential part of taking care of your hearing. See an expert at Beltone Audiology by scheduling an appointment at (888) 210-5846.