Jasper AL Hearing Center

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    1811 Hwy 78 E. Ste 104
    Jasper, Al. 35501


    Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
    Saturday: Open by appointment
    Sunday: Closed

    We also offer evening and in-home visits by appointment.

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Jasper, AL Premier Hearing Aid Center Offering Free Hearing Tests

The Jasper Hearing Aid Center is the region’s top provider of hearing health services including comprehensive free hearing tests aimed at identifying hearing loss in patient from throughout the Jasper, Alabama area. Every test is performed using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the most accurate results.

Our skilled hearing specialists Google Review of Beltone Hearing Centerperform thorough assessments to help patients understand the type of hearing loss they’re experiencing so they can find a solution that’s best for their unique needs. Our line of Beltone digital hearing aids offers customizable features and lightweight, discreet designs for the ultimate in comfortable, natural hearing.

Plus, we offer financing plans to make better hearing affordable for everyone. Better hearing begins with a free hearing test.

To request yours, call (205) 295-6808 or use our online form.

Meet the Staff at our Jasper, AL Hearing Aid Center

  • Tracey Franks - Hearing Aids Jasper AL
    Tracey Franks
    Hearing Care Practitioner

  • Tracey Franks is our practitioner in the Winfield and Jasper office. She is licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist and has been with Beltone Audiology since 2009. She has received the coveted Master Practitioner Award and 3 consecutive Pacesetter Awards from Beltone. Tracey has a family history of hearing loss as well as having a hearing loss herself. This helps her better understand the difficulties of hearing loss from a patients side and the family’s side. It is very important for her to help as many people hear as she can and give them the best care possible just as Beltone has always done for her family. This is why she chose a career in audiology and it is her goal to help everyone improve their quality of hearing with new technology and service. She lives in Guin, AL with her husband Jim and their dogs.

  • Lisa Hogeland Hearing Aids Jasper AL
    Lisa Hogeland
    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Lisa Hogeland is the Patient Care Coordinator in our Jasper Beltone clinic. She has worked with Beltone for 5 years and has received 6 Pacesetter Awards. She lives in Jasper and has 2 children.

How an Appointment Works

  • What makes the patient experience at your practice unique?
    Our friendly Hearing Care Practitioner Tracey Franks has been with Beltone for 7 years and Patient Care Coordinator Lisa Hogeland has been with us for 10 years. Both know their patients very well and have been given multiple awards by Beltone. They treat the patients with respect and provide a friendly office environment with coffee, cookies, or water.
  • What is the in-office hearing aid trial process?
    HCP Franks does a complete hearing evaluation and goes over the test results with patients so they understand what the evaluation shows her. She then adds all the information into our computers and programs the aids for them to then try and test in the office.
  • How do they get free batteries? (Do they participate in Beltone Blue)
    Some patients may receive free batteries they can pick up through their contract. Others can get acquire them through Beltone Blue online and then show their coupons in the office.
  • How do trade-ins work?
    Patients with older listening devices are informed of new devices and how hey may help, and are given opportunities to try them out and receive discounts on new Beltone aids when they trade in older aids through Beltone offers.
  • Forms of payment?
    We accept all major credit cards as well as checks and cash. We also offer finance options through AllWell, Wells Fargo, and CareCredit.

Products and Services

  • Hearing Screenings: A Licensed Hearing Care Professional will help examine patients for hearing and communication difficulties, then consult with them to see what Beltone listening devices may be able to do to improve their quality of hearing.
  • In-Home Testing and Consultation: We can bring Beltone service consultation to you with the most advanced technology to ensure accurate results while letting you be comfortable in your home if you are unable to visit our office.
  • Hearing Aid Adjustments and Repairs: Beltone local technicians offer skilled adjustments, tuneups, and repairs to maintain listening devices at optimal operating levels while promising quick results and assistance if aids need more serious repairs.
  • State of the Art Hearing Aids: Beltone devices deliver top of the line hearing instruments from In the Ear aids to Behind the Ear aids to Receiver in the Ear aids. We will help you learn about the options we provide and discover which style provides you with the optimal experience.

Directions to the Clinic

Our office is located at 1301 Hwy 78 E on College Hill Plaza. We are by Moore’s Landing and Classic Cleaners on the south side of the road. Zaxby’s and Pizza Hut are located across from our office.

From the North: Use Route 5 or 195 heading south until they meet and then turn left onto Hwy 78 heading east. While passing Airport Road the Quality Inn and Pizza Hut on the left, look for a turn into the shopping center on the right. We are at the end next to Classic Cleaners.

From the South: Coming from the south near the center of Jasper or Hwy 22 even further south, take 3rd Ave heading north right through the middle of Jasper up to Hwy 78 and then turn right to head east. A short distance ahead Pizza Hut and Zaxby’s will be on the left across from the shopping center where we are located with Classic Cleaners.

From the East: Travel on Route 5 westward heading to Jasper. Shortly after 5 merges with 69 the road turns into Hwy 78. At the light for Walston Bridge Road, take a left and then immediately turn right into the shopping center. We should be the first shop you see.

From the West: Hwy 78/118 heads from northwest Jasper right across the northern side of the area. Pass by the Route 5 turn off and then Jasper Mall on the left. After passing Airport Road there should be College Hill Plaza on the right before the next light. We are at the end of the shopping center.

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