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    We also offer evening and in-home visits by appointment.

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Winfield, AL Premier Hearing Aid Center Offering Free Hearing Tests

The Winfield Hearing Aid Center is a trusted provider of state-of-the-art hearing health services for patients of all ages from Winfield, Alabama and the surrounding area.

Our hearing specialists are skilled in providing comprehensive hearing tests using advanced equipment aimed at providing the most accurate results, as well as Google Review of Beltone Hearing Centerperforming personalized assessments to provide a complete picture of each patient’s hearing health.

As the region’s leading provider of Beltone digital hearing aids, the Winfield Hearing Aid Center helps patients select just the right hearing aid for their needs so they can enjoy better hearing and a better quality of life.

Plus, we accept insurance plans and Medicare, and we also offer financing plans to make care as affordable as possible.

Take the first step toward better hearing and request your free hearing test today by calling (205) 483-3447 or by using our online form to request more information.

Meet the Staff at our Winfield, AL Hearing Aid Center

  • Tracey Franks - Winfield Hearing Aids Center
    Tracey Franks
    Hearing Care Practitioner

  • Tracey Franks is our practitioner in the Winfield and Jasper office. She is licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist and has been with Beltone Audiology since 2009. She has received the coveted Master Practitioner Award and 3 consecutive Pacesetter Awards from Beltone. Tracey has a family history of hearing loss as well as having a hearing loss herself. This helps her better understand the difficulties of hearing loss from a patients side and the family’s side. It is very important for her to help as many people hear as she can and give them the best care possible just as Beltone has always done for her family. This is why she chose a career in audiology and it is her goal to help everyone improve their quality of hearing with new technology and service. She lives in Guin, Alabama with her husband Jim and their dogs.

  • Carol Kivette - Winfield Hearing Aids
    Carol Kivette
    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Carol Kivette is our Patient Care Coordinator for our Winfield office. She has worked with Beltone for 9 years but has actually been affiliated with Beltone for more than 30 yrs. Carol’s family has hearing loss and Beltone is the company that has helped them hear and understand better. What they have liked the most about this company is that it is located all over the US. This makes it very helpful if you are ever traveling and need to have your aid serviced or need batteries. It is also conveniently located in Winfield close to home. Carol has been rewarded 9 Beltone PaceSetter awards and enjoys working for Beltone; the company that has personally helped her family so much. She lives in Guin with her husband Donald and their dog Molly.

How an Appointment Works

  • What makes the patient experience at your practice unique?
    We aim to treat our patients like family. Our Hearing Care Practitioner Tracey Franks gives out her private number for emergencies. Patient Care Coordinator Carol Kivette has been with us for 13 years and Tracey for 7, so they are part of the community and care
    providing the best care to you.
  • What is the in-office hearing aid trial process?
    We will do a complete test to gauge your needs and then go over the results. Aids will be programmed for patient results and we will have them test the aids by moving around while other people talk to them or create sounds. We work to deliver a change in hearing that will be perfect for you.
  • How do they get free batteries? (Do they participate in Beltone Blue)
    Through our Beltone Blue program they are able to get up to 2 years in free batteries and earn more over time.
  • How do trade-ins work?
    Patients can trade up to newer Beltone technology and receive a portion of the original costs for their aids towards the purchase price of the new Beltone aids.
  • Forms of payment?
    We accept all major credit cards. We also offer finance options through AllWell, Wells Fargo, and CareCredit.

Products and Services

  • Hearing Screenings: A Licensed Hearing Care Professional will help examine your hearing and communication difficulties.
  • In-Home Testing and Consultation: When visiting a Beltone location is not possible, we can bring hearing tests and consultation to you with the most advanced technology to ensure accurate results.
  • Hearing Aid Adjustments and Repairs: Our technicians offer skilled adjustments, tuneups, and repairs to maintain your hearing aids at perfect operating levels while promising quick results.
  • State of the Art Hearing Aids: Beltone delivers top of the line hearing instruments from In the Ear aids to Behind the Ear aids to Receiver in the Ear aids. We can help you find the right style and aid to give you satisfaction with your Beltone product.

Directions to the Clinic

We are located at 107 Midway Drive, Winfield, Alabama 35594. Northeast of the Auburn University: Upper Coastal Plains campus area. We are located in the basement office with Kutter’s Beauty Salon. Across Midway from us is Wells Fargo and across Bankhead Avenue is Flying Pig.

From the North: Take 253 heading south into Winfield. At Bankhead Ave (Hwy 43/118) turn right to head west. At the next light turn left onto Midway and we are immediately to on the left across from Wells Fargo.

From the South: Traveling on Hwy 43 head north. At Kirkwood St where the First Baptist Church is on the right, take a left. Turn right at the next intersection onto Midway Dr and head a couple of blocks north. We will be on the right just before the light at Bankhead Ave.

From the East: Use Hwy 118 (Bankhead) to head west into Winfield. After passing 253/43 and the Winfield Antique Mall turn left onto Midway Dr. Immediately turn left to the first building.

From the West: Take 43 from the northwest or Hwy 28 from the southwest and head east until they merge to become 118 in Winfield. As they do you should see Wells Fargo on the right. Take a right on Midway right and we are in the building across Midway from Wells Fargo.

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