Loving Your Hearing Aid

  1. Beltone Audiology | Loving Your Hearing Aid

Hearing loss may be irreversible, but it is treatable. With the help of frequent hearing tests, a reduction in loud noises, and properly fitted hearing aids, you can maintain a comfortable level of hearing. For most people, hearing aids can be difficult to accept but at Beltone Audiology, we can help you make the most of them.

The first step to coping with a decline in hearing is to get your hearing tested. Meeting with an experienced audiologist can help determine your level of hearing loss and what type of device will work best for you. After that, an audiologist will get you fitted for a hearing aid device. We recommend starting off wearing your hearing aid for just a few hours a day for the first few days. Then, in the next three to four weeks, you can increase your use of a hearing device as you get used to them.

In order to make the most of your hearing aid, it’s important that you care for your device. Store them in a dry area away from moisture and be sure to charge them regularly. Change your batteries often and be sure to keep your device clean from ear wax and other debris. To learn more about how to love your hearing aid and keep it working for you, contact the team at Beltone Audiology today.