Where Can I Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries?

  1. Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids are magnificent devices loaded with enhanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, data log or a tinnitus masker to help you meet your hearing needs. Similar to most electronics, hearing aids source their power from batteries. Unfortunately, batteries don’t last a lifetime and are subject to change after they get drained. There are multiple sizes of hearing aid batteries with the smallest serving about five days while the largest should run anywhere from two to three weeks.

Since these batteries require constant switching and replacements, most pieces end up in the trash. Batteries have metals and toxic chemicals that may have adverse effects on the environment. This is the leading reason why the topic of recycling hearing aid batteries seems to air often. But how do you recycle them?

Donate Them to Responsible Foundations

Specific non-profit making organizations collect donated and used hearing aid batteries. These batteries are refurbished or recycled depending on their conditions. The refurbished ones are rebooted to help people troubled with hearing loss and in need of hearing aids and batteries but can’t afford them. Look for your nearest drop point and donate your old batteries for a charitable course.

Return to Manufacturer

Many hearing aid manufacturing companies understand that these tiny batteries can cause adverse effects to the environment if not properly disposed. Most take the initiative and effort to compose recycling programs for the batteries. You could drop the cells at specific pick-up centers for your respective manufacturing company. You may also want to confirm if your manufacturing company of choice has these recycling programs in place before purchasing their batteries.

Give Out to Electronic Retailers

Some electronic retailers have been creative about recycling hearing aid batteries to serve other industrial purposes. They are better off in their hands doing some good technological and electronic work instead of polluting the environment. You could ask around your local area about any electronic retailers who buy or take batteries for recycling purposes.

Check-in With the Authorities

Local authorities and audiology departments often come together with initiatives that educate on proper hearing aid use and battery disposal or recycling. Most of them organize collection hubs that allow you to dispose of any type of used hearing aid batteries. You could check in with your primary doctor managing your hearing loss or the local authority’s office. Your hearing care provider should hand you recycling alternatives for the battery in case they have organizations already set up for the purpose.

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