Back-to-School Checklist for Kids with Hearing Loss

  1. Kids with Hearing Loss

With the back to school season coming up quickly, now’s the best time to ensure you’re taking care of your child’s hearing care. Stay ahead of any technical issues to ensure that your child can focus on their education instead of their hearing loss. Adding these five things to their back to school checklist can set your child up for success this year.

Hearing Care Checkup

Take your child for a checkup before school starts up again. This is the perfect time to ensure their hearing aids and any other devices are in proper working order. Even if everything seems to be in good condition, routine maintenance can get done before technical issues have the ability to interfere with school. All devices will be in the best condition possible before school starts up again.

Protective Case

Get a protective case that’s easy for your child to find in their backpack or locker. They can keep all of their hearing care supplies in this case so that they have easy access to basic maintenance if they’re old enough to take care of hearing devices themselves. This is also where you can store other devices your child may have. Having these items together will be convenient for your child and allow them to quickly get the assistive technology they need to succeed.

Extra Batteries

You never know when hearing aid batteries are going to be an issue. Your child having extra hearing aid batteries accessible at school can help ensure that there’s never a technical issue. They may be able to quickly handle this themselves or get assistance from their teacher or school nurse.

Maintenance Instructions

A notecard of basic hearing aid maintenance is important. Not everyone is as familiar with your child’s hearing aids or other devices as you are. A copy of basic maintenance for your child’s teacher and school nurse can be a big help to your child so they know that there’s always someone available to help. A third notecard for their maintenance case can also be helpful. It can be a simple reminder if your child is old enough to self maintenance or a reference for a substitute or other adult if their usual helper isn’t in that day.


An adhesive that doesn’t interfere with the hearing aid or irritate your child’s skin can be a lifesaver for the required P.E. classes. When your child is active, hearing aids can be more prone to moving around. Securing these devices can improve your child’s performance and communication abilities. Plus you don’t want to have to worry about hearing aids falling and ending up broken or lost.

Having a child with hearing loss may increase the length of your back to school checklist and supplies. However, taking care of these five simple things will set your child up for success. Let your child focus solely on their education by staying ahead of the game this school year.