Hearing Tests

For those with hearing loss, having a hearing aid with digital technology can make a huge difference in being able to experience all life has to offer, which is why our hearing aid services are crucial in ensuring they’re functioning properly. Here at Beltone Audiology, we provide hearing aid repair, reprogramming, inspection, and more. Having a functioning hearing aid can decrease feelings of anxiety, depression and social isolation that are the hallmarks of untreated hearing loss.

We work hard to make crystal-clear hearing a reality by offering the most advanced and reliable digital hearing aids on the market. But we also go one step further by offering an array of services focused on ensuring every customer has the best experience possible at every step of their journey.

In addition to free hearing tests at any of our 27 locations in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, we also offer:

Hearing Aids

Comprehensive in-home testing and consultation:

At Beltone, we want everyone to experience the benefits of better hearing. When visiting one of our locations just isn’t possible or convenient, we can provide free hearing tests and consultations at your location, including private homes, nursing homes and assisted living communities.

Like our in-office testing services, out in-home tests use the most advanced technology to ensure accurate results and customized solutions based on each person’s specific needs and preferences.

To learn more about in-home hearing tests and consultations, call us at (888) 210-5846 today or use our online form to request an appointment.

Hearing aid adjustment, service and repair:

Our technicians are skilled in making the adjustments and tuneups that can ensure your hearing aid remains in perfect operation so you can continue to enjoy the best hearing possible.

When a more extensive repair is needed, we can arrange for quick service at one of our state-of-the-art repair facilities so you won’t be left without your hearing aid for a long period of time.

And just like our free hearing tests, we can perform many of our adjustment and tuneup services in your home.

Payment assistance:

At Beltone, we don’t believe hearing clearly should be a luxury confined to well-heeled individuals.

We offer an array of affordable payment plans that let you fit the cost of your hearing aid into your budget, including six- and 12-month “same as cash” payment plans and longer plans that extend out to four or five years.

To learn more about our payment plans, give us a call at 888-655-9609 today or use our online form.

Insurance assistance:

Our financing specialists work closely with insurance companies to ensure you receive the most from your benefits. Plus, we work with many membership organizations to offer discounts that can make owning a hearing aid even more affordable.

Belcare service plans for long-term peace of mind:

At Beltone, we stand behind our hearing aids. Every Beltone hearing aid comes with the Beltone service plan and an industry-leading warranty so you can feel confident about your hearing aid for years to come.

To learn more about the services Beltone offers, stop in at one of our centers, call us toll-free at (888) 210-5846 today or use our online form. Take that first step toward enjoying better hearing today.