Take Care of Your Hearing

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Hearing loss affects millions of people around the world. Most individuals who show symptoms of hearing loss are over the age of 50. In order to prevent symptoms of hearing loss, it is important to take care of your hearing. Here are a few things you can do to lessen or prevent hearing loss.

Use earplugs to minimize loud noises

We are often exposed to loud music and sounds at home and in the workplace. Things like lawn mowers, loud music, construction equipment, and more can produce noise that can cause hearing loss. If you know you will be exposed to high levels of noise, it is important to use earplugs. These can be easily purchased from the drugstore or your employer. If you need that still enable you to hear at a normal level, you may need to purchase ear plugs that come with filters.

Minimize the volume of your gadgets

More than one billion people across the world are at risk of damaging their ears due to the high volume from their audio devices. If you are a fan of music, ensure that the volume level is no higher than 60%. Also, you should never listen to music using earbud headphones for more than one hour at a time. Since these type of headphones fit close to the eardrum, they pose a significant risk to your ears. Over-the-ear headphones are the best since they are not close to the eardrums.

Never use cotton swabs to remove wax in your ears

Most people use cotton swabs to clean their ears, however, cotton swabs have been proven to damage your eardrum. The more frequent you use cotton swabs, the more damage you can cause your ears. The reality is, having a small amount of wax in your ears is healthy since wax traps dust and other foreign objects which can damage your ears. Your ears are self-cleaning and do not require your interference. If you must clean your ears, it is best to use a clean damp towel to gently remove the wax.

Get your hearing tested regularly

It is recommended that adults over the age of 50 get their hearing checked annually. Not only can this help identify the level of hearing loss a person has, but it can help to determine what device will work best. Visit a professional hearing care company will ensure that you get the most accurate assessment of your hearing.

These are a few simple ways you can prevent hearing loss. If you’re experiencing signs of hearing loss, contact the team at Beltone Audiology today.