Tips to Looking After Your Hearing Aid

  1. Beltone Audiology | Tips to Looking After Your Hearing Aid

Thousands of adults have hearing loss. If you have trouble hearing and you need a hearing aid, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to suffer with hearing loss. A hearing aid gives you the ability to hear your loved ones when they talk even when there’s ambient noise in the room. Hearing aids allow you to hear the daily warnings like car horns, smoke alarms or traffic light crossing indicators that help keep you safe. Now that you have a hearing aid to help take care of you, here’s how to look after your hearing aid.

Read the Manual

Even though you may think that operating your hearing aid is obvious, there may be nuances that can help you get the most out of your hearing care device. The manual may also include special care instructions that you wouldn’t think of. So first things first, read the manual so you completely understand how to use and take care of your hearing aid.

Keep Your Hearing Aid Clean

The ear can harbor bacteria just like any other orifice on your body. Even clean ears have bacteria! Hearing care includes caring for your hearing aid so it doesn’t become dirty and then re-infect your ear with bacteria. You should clean your hearing aid on a daily basis at the minimum. Use a clean, lint-free cloth with a tiny spritz of isopropyl rubbing alcohol on it. The alcohol will help to disinfect the hearing aid before you place it in your ear. If your hearing aid includes a molded piece that cups your ear, you should disassemble the hearing aid before cleaning each part separately.

Store It in a Safe Place

Your hearing aid no doubt came with a special storage case. You should always store your hearing aid in that case when not in use. The case might be quite small, however, and it might be easily misplaced. It’s recommended that you also have a larger place to store your hearing aid while it’s in its own case. This larger storage place might be a box, bowl or basket where you keep your keys and small change. Or it might be a special tray that you keep on your nightstand. Wherever that it, be sure to place your hearing aid in its case in that same spot all the time. This will ensure that you always know exactly where your hearing aid is when you need it.

It’s likely that you made a big investment in your hearing aid. It only makes good sense to follow these three tips to take care of your hearing aid the best that you can. For more information on how to care for your device, contact Beltone Audiology today.