Treatments Of Tinnitus

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The auditory system is a complex network of the human body which many know so little about. Even experts have not yet fully understood the workings of this. It is in charge of capturing sound and recognizing it with the use of the brain.

Of the different types of complications of the ear, “tinnitus” is one term that you do not hear often. This is not a kind of hearing loss, but this may accompany it. Rather, tinnitus is a sound perceived by the person alone with no external sources. It may come in various forms per individual.

How Does Tinnitus Happen?

Commonly tinnitus often sounds like a ringing in the ears but may also appear as buzzes, clicks, hisses or whistles. Though other people have reported to have heard other noises brought about by this.

There isn’t a single cause of tinnitus. This should instead be viewed as a manifestation of numerous varying underlying reasons resulting in a contrast of sounds per person that could range from familiar to quite bizarre.

In other conventional instances, these could be the root of this complication:

  • Ear infections
  • Debris/particle or earwax that is in contact with the eardrum
  • Cardiovascular illnesses
  • Diabetes
  • Ototoxic medicines
  • Injuries on the head and neck
  • Earwax build-up

Most causes, however, would be harm or loss of sensory hair cells found within the inner ear. This also brings with it a certain degree of an impairment towards the ability to hear.

In temporary cases it is usually loud sound that is the culprit. The tinnitus here will go away though in a few seconds to a few minutes. Some may even last for days or longer before they disappear.


In permanent situations these cannot be totally removed but can be managed. It can be done to a point where someone can ignore the sound altogether and continue to live a happy life, unfazed by this minor setback. The trick to it is a willingness to get better and a positive outlook during the treatment process.

Stop Taking Ototoxic Drugs

Ototoxic is a term which means having harmful effects towards the auditory system. Some drugs that are meant to cure specific ailments, actually have detrimental consequences to the ears. Some may even cause hearing loss. No need to worry though, because as soon as this is realized, once you stop things usually go back to normal.

Although, it would be advised that you ask your doctor first before coming to a conclusion with your medication. It could be that the benefits of these outweigh the repercussions it produces.

Removing Accumulated Earwax

It would be preferred that you have this done by a professional. If for some reason you must achieve this by yourself, there are earwax softeners that are sold over the counter in pharmacies.

Hearing Aids

Tinnitus associated with a hearing disability would certainly benefit the use of a hearing aid. Some are modern models are even equipped with the technology to specifically deal with tinnitus.

Masking Instruments

These are similar to hearing aids, but these continuously produce sound to drown out the tinnitus.

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