Turner Syndrome And Hearing Loss

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The Turner Syndrome is named so because of the doctor who first reported the symptoms that are the results of this illness back in 1938, although the cause for this wasn’t discovered until 1959.

This isn’t something you should fear contracting since this is a disease that is acquired upon birth so you either have it or you don’t. This could be obtained due to complications with the sperm or egg cell, or during the early fetal stages. Basically a female usually should have 2 “X” chromosomes in their cells, but having Turner Syndrome means having only partial or a complete lack of one of the “X” chromosomes.

If you’re still wondering by now, this is exclusive to the female gender and it happens to one of every 2,000 to 2,500 girls. If a child has this, it will affect their development as their bodies mature into adults. This means that certain elements of your physiology may be deficient.

Symptoms Of Turner Syndrome

The set of symptoms for this will be different for every person but their are ones that are common.

  • Shorter – A female’s growth will be a lot slower in contrast to their peers, so they will usually be shorter. (If treated early this may be solved through growth hormones that will be administered by a healthcare professional)
  • Infertility – The ovaries of these women may not ever be able to function properly even when they are of proper age.
  • Webbed Neck – Having extra folds of skin isn’t uncommon for this syndrome too. This is also called webbed neck because of its appearance.
  • Weaker Immune System – the turner hinders different systems in the body to progress and evolve and one such system that is usually is the immune system. This means that become much more prone to pick up infections or ailments.
  • Hearing Loss – This typically accompanies turner syndrome, which is why there is a link between the two.

Hearing Loss And Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome  isn’t always immediately recognized when a girl is born. Some may not manifest any physical characteristics that would have given it away. In some cases it could take years, or as far as up to the teen phase for a woman to be officially diagnosed with it. One such symptoms, however, you may take note of is if your short daughter may have recurring hearing loss.

Now there are many types of this impairment but the most prominent of which in those that have Turner Syndrome would be “acute otitis media.” Studies have revealed that about 60%-80% of 4 to 15 year olds with the syndrome have a frequent case of this .

“Acute otitis media” is the swelling of the middle because of fluids present, which are caused by an infection. It is theorized that this is due to the weak immune systems which make them ideal targets for bacteria.

There is no known way to prevent Turner Syndrome, or to cure it but there are methods to alleviate a person of some of its effects. It is very possible for someone with this to still live a fulfilling and meaningful life. For the best advice on this and other hearing conditions, see a trusted audiologist from Beltone Audiology. Call us at (888) 210-5846.