What is Age Related Hearing Loss?

  1. Age Related Hearing Loss

Aging will slowly change the way your body functions, and you will almost certainly develop health issues that you never had when you were younger like hearing loss. One of the more common age related issues that you might face is the loss of your hearing. Age related hearing loss is said to affect almost one in two adults over the age of 65 to some degree, and although it is hardly a life-threatening condition, it can impact one’s quality of life if it isn’t treated.

Causes of Age Related Hearing Loss

Hearing loss that is related to aging tends to happen slowly over time. It is usually brought on by changes to the structure of the inner ear, changes in blood flow to the ears, or damage to the nerves responsible for hearing. Your hearing can also be affected by conditions such as diabetes, frequent exposure to loud noises, and the use of certain medications.

Signs and Symptoms

Since hearing loss tends to occur gradually, it can be difficult to notice any obvious symptoms in yourself. You could slowly become used to not being able to hear certain sounds or feel the need to turn up the volume on a radio or television and not realize that you have much of a problem. Still, you should be on the lookout for signs such as the inability to hear high-pitched sounds or background noises, the inability to focus on certain sounds in noisy environments, and trouble understanding conversations over the phone. If you’re having trouble noticing any hearing problems in yourself, you can always ask your loved ones if they’ve noticed any problems. They might have noticed that you don’t pay attention to them like you once did or that you ask them to repeat themselves more frequently.


There is no cure for age related hearing problems, but your doctor can work with you to improve your quality of life. One of the more common solutions for those who are hard of hearing is to use a hearing aid. Modern hearing aids from companies such as Beltone are discreet, varied enough to address different degrees of hearing loss, and accessible for most people. Other treatments might include assistive devices to help you around your home or lip reading and sign language classes for those whose hearing is severely impaired.

If you believe that you are losing your hearing due to your age or for any other reason, speak to your audiologist about a solution as soon as you can. There might not be a cure for your condition, but there are things that can improve the quality of your life well into old age. To learn more about how you can treat your hearing loss or schedule a free hearing test, contact Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.