What Is Ear Candling And Should I Do It

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Cerumen, or better known as earwax, is a substance made by glands to keep dirt and other foreign things out of our auditory system. That can even include little bugs and insects. This sounds gross, but can easily be remedied if you follow correct and medically approved methods. 

When a lot of earwax has accumulated, we like to clean out our ears. However, sticking objects inside the canal is highly discouraged as this can push cerumen back and cause an abnormal build-up. This may be why some have turned to the alternative method of “ear candling.”

What Is Ear Candling?

Also called, ear coning and thermal-auricular therapy, it’s thought to bring out a lot of earwax and other material that is said to be unhealthy. The community of practitioners is divided as to how it achieves this. Some say that it creates a suction which draws out the substance, while others claim the warmth of the candle melts it, allowing it to flow and exit from the ears easily.

What Do The Professionals Say?

Researchers put the capabilities of coning to the test. They created an artificial ear canal and tracked any possible pressure made thru thermal-color therapy. Unfortunately, it was found that the candle made no such vacuum at all within the passageway. Furthermore, the heat was at a level far from having the ability to dissolve earwax.

People who tried this allegedly saw all the impurities within the cone when they opened it. These were analyzed, and it was found that they were a combination of burnt candle wax and fabric.


Possibly Dangerous Results

To make things worse, this could be dangerous as it may injure you and damage your ears. One 50-year-old patient reported that she ended up puncturing her eardrum as a result of hot candle wax spilling into her ear.

This means that not only does ear candling provide no benefit, it can actually cause you harm. So while not providing any benefit whatsoever to a person, these even put you at risk of losing your ability to perceive sound.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Earwax?

The truth is the best way would be to leave your ears alone. These are self-cleaning, and cerumen find its own way out. Earwax that accumulates and becomes an obstruction is usually brought about by people sticking in cotton buds or other objects.


When It’s Time to See a Professional

So what do you do then to get rid of a mass of this substance that’s inconveniently disabling your capacity to hear? You visit a doctor and let the experts handle it.  

There are many unconventional practices out there that many individuals swear by, which are declared to have positive effects on a person’s well-being, and can heal a variety of illnesses. It can be tempting to try these especially if they are cheaper then traditional procedures or when conventional processes fail you.

However, make sure to do your own investigations so that you don’t end up taking part in anything that could be detrimental to your health. We don’t discourage you from looking beyond what is accepted by most, but we wish you do so with caution. For experts you can trust, call the experts at Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.