What Is Hidden Hearing Loss?

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It’s safe to say that we are all aware of hearing loss. What many are not aware of is that

this comes in many forms. These forms vary depending on a person’s ability to hear frequencies, or the manner in which the auditory system is affected thus causing the said condition. A rather difficult case of this disability though is hidden hearing loss.  

The Usual Hearing Test Won’t Work

Being named as such, “hidden hearing loss” is able to mask itself from the usual hearing tests and come out on audiograms depicting that a person has good hearing health even though they do not. If results state that the individual is fine but they still complain of having trouble in perceiving sounds then the healthcare professional would opt for another method to pinpoint the problem.

The University of Connecticut has generated a new technique for examining people’s ability to hear. It does so by identifying alterations in the binaural system while being exposed to different degrees of loudness.

How Is This Acquired

A person can acquire this when they experience excessive levels of noise. This noise does enough damage where the hair cells remain intact but their link between nerve cells are destroyed.

People with this can still participate in one on one conversations but may struggle when environments are noisy. Given the rowdy state of a certain area the person could attribute this towards their disability to hear leaving them oblivious of their complication.

How To Spot Hidden Hearing Loss

Go to a location with background noise where it is still possible to talk with each other. If a certain individual is having problems interacting with the rest of you but could do otherwise when in quiet places, then most likely they have hidden hearing loss.

When suspicious of having hidden hearing loss take a visit to a healthcare practitioner that specializes on the ears, such as ENT’s or audiologists, to have yourself diagnosed and treated. If you have a friend with this complication, they might be in-denial as many people would be. In this situation they would need encouragement to seek help but you should be cautious and careful with your choice of words. Help them realize that this only for their own good anyway and it won’t hurt to undergo a check-up.


Traditionally, in most circumstances hearing loss is treated with the use hearing aids. However, since hidden hearing loss will not need an assistive device in every situation your doctor could recommend to you a specific instrument that could specially cater to your needs only when it is called for, such as when present in crowded places.

Make sure you take care of this instrument and apply the necessary maintenance practices for you to lengthen its lifespan and preserve its effectivity. Remember to take these things as investments as they will improve your manner of living.

Lastly, select only reputable and well-established doctors for great service. Always make sure they are licensed to practice their profession and have had made many happy patients with rave reviews. Contact Beltone Audiology by calling at (888) 210-5846.