Where Can I Get My Hearing Test Done?

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Many people hold different thoughts as to what the best ways to protect your hearing are. However, most don’t realize that an important part of hearing care is having regular hearing tests administered. Having your hearing tested is a quick and simple process that is beneficial for preventative health care.

Why Would I Need A Hearing Test?

Regular hearing tests are usually administered at the nurse’s office throughout childhood, but are often forgotten during adulthood. It is recommended for adults to get their hearing tested every ten years until they turn 50. After 50, the frequency should then be increased to every three years.

The early stages of hearing loss often end up going undetected. Getting your hearing tested can help an audiologist best preserve your hearing function and monitor any changes to your hearing. Since hearing loss is a spectrum, the test is not something that you either pass or fail. It will be something that allows your audiologist to properly monitor your hearing and find the solutions that work best for you.

Where Can I Get My Hearing Test Done?

There are many places that you can go to take a hearing test. Some of them are low cost or even free. Any ENT or audiologist will always offer hearing tests in their offices. Pricing for these are usually dependent on your insurance coverage. Some club stores have hearing centers that include hearing aids and hearing tests. These centers can be found in most Costco and Sam’s Club locations. Beltone Audiology offers a free online hearing test in addition to the in-person screenings offered at local centers.

What To Expect During My Hearing Test

The process of getting your hearing tested usually takes about 30 minutes or less. The tests require you to wear headphones to ensure that each ear is individually tested. Most tests will consist of listening to tones in different pitches and volumes in each ear to check the full range of sound that you can hear. Some will have you take the test with background noise and others will test your hearing in a quiet room. The background noise is to simulate hearing sounds when in crowded areas. The test may also consist of repeating a few words that you hear through the headphones. The exact test may vary, but they all give your audiologist the information needed to diagnose the level of hearing loss that you are experiencing if any.

Stay ahead with your hearing care by scheduling a hearing test. An audiologist is waiting to ensure that your hearing is well taken care of.