Why Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover Hearing Aids

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If you’re interested and read a lot about financial security and investing, you most likely have run into the importance of having to purchase an insurance plan. This allows people to afford the expenses that come with certain illnesses while at the same time having a source of passive income. Some of the features would vary depending on the type of policy you acquire.

Hearing loss can be a significant disability, but despite that, the majority of insurance companies do not offer coverage for hearing aids.

Why Should A Hearing Impairment Be Taken Seriously?

If left untreated, a total or partial inability to perceive sound has consequences which most do not know of due to a lack of awareness.

It’s common sense that people with this would find it hard to communicate with others. What a lot are oblivious of is that this predicament can result in isolation and evolve further to depression due to the scarcity of contact with others. As humans, interaction with others is important for emotional stability.

This has also been linked to an increased risk of developing dementia. The actual association hasn’t been established, but theories suggest that the brain declines in cognitive function as most of its resources are being used to recognize sounds more than usual, to make up for the hearing loss.

On another aspect, careers and obligations could also be in jeopardy when it largely hangs on your listening skills. Of course, when it comes to jobs, you may always switch to ones that don’t need the help of your ears as much, but you might not feel as fulfilled with this as you did with your past profession. An auditory system in good condition gives you a wider array of options to choose from.

The Insurance Mystery

Many of the enterprises in this industry say that the reason for excluding hearing devices is that these are not considered necessary, and owning these are voluntary and not really a necessity.

The prior possible repercussions stated would beg to differ. Preventing these isn’t the only benefit of the hearing aid, but it also allows to maintain or improve their quality of life.

Taking that into account, it would be clear that these are essentials. However, the speculated real reason as to why these businesses avoid providing coverage for hearing aids is because they don’t find it so profitable. These things are priced upwards of a thousand dollars and need replacing on an average of every 5 years.

You may argue that the treatment of other diseases covered by policies cost a lot more. Yes, that is true, but the chances of actually acquiring them are much less. The way these guys assure themselves of earnings is by insuring a sickness in a group of people. Odds are this will only afflict a handful of them, but all of them are paying premiums.  

Fortunately, a transition is happening in this industry towards providing healthcare assistance to those with hearing loss, and that includes hearing aids which are cheaper than usual. There are those who question their quality, worried these institutions might prioritize returns over the welfare of their clients. To know whether your insurance company is reliable, contact Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.