Will Hearing Aids Make Tinnitus Worse?

  1. Will Hearing Aids Make Tinnitus Worse

Will hearing aids make my tinnitus worse? The answers to that question aren’t easy, unfortunately. Sometimes people’s tinnitus worsens when their hearing is amplified. Having an excellent, experienced audiology evaluation should assist you in getting the best hearing care for your hearing loss, however. The specific answer to the question of hearing aids and hearing loss correction depends on a few aspects of your hearing condition. Thankfully, many of these conditions are manageable.

Hyperacusis, or Decreased Sound Tolerance

Some types of tinnitus include having pain when loud noises occur. Most hearing tests don’t include levels of volume that loud. You may not know that you have pain when specific amounts of sound are reached because you’ve eliminated loud noises from your environment. If you have hyperacusis, you’ll need to have an expert set the volume and MPO levels appropriately for your hearing aid.

Auditory Fatigue

You might experience increased awareness of your tinnitus while trying to process sounds when competing background noise exists. Your Beltone hearing specialist can help you improve your hearing loss by only using your hearing aid for a certain number of hours per day.

Reactive Tinnitus

Some people occasionally have tinnitus that reacts to low intensity sounds. Hearing aids for those with reactive tinnitus include using hearing stimulation that requires a soft-intensity level of noise.

Four Myths about Hearing and Tinnitus

Myth #1: There’s nothing anyone can do to treat your tinnitus.

Fact: Tinnitus is treatable in many cases. You may not cure your tinnitus, but you can lessen it. Our specialists use such processes as tinnitus sound therapy, ear protection, and tinnitus counseling.

Myth #2: Tinnitus goes away eventually.

Fact: Some types of tinnitus go away. But other types of tinnitus either last for a longer time or recurring. Your hearing specialist can help you identify your type of tinnitus and help you lessen its symptoms.

Myth # 3: Hearing aids don’t help tinnitus.

Fact: Beltone does have a Tinnitus Calmer app available. It remains one very effective way to treat ringing in the ears. These aids provide maximum sound amplification and limit the loudness your ears hear in noisy environments.

Myth #4: Hearing and tinnitus aren’t linked.

Fact: People with hearing problems also have tinnitus. Hearing aids help people who have both lost some of their hearing and ringing in the ears.

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